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  • A new WordPress category: Sites 25 is for those with updated info for the 2024-2025 cycle.
  • For the month of June 2024, older data that details the externships from past months and years remains visible so as to better allow for edits and refreshing of details.

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00:00 - 00:50
Hi, this is Mark, the volunteer webmaster at the ACEN site. And I wanted to do a little explainer video to help you along in the process of updating your sites. To begin with, there's a new survey and the survey makes it super easy for you to fill in your information and hit submit and we'll be able to add your tags to your appropriate site for your externship. Takes just a little bit of effort. So if you don't want to get into the nitty gritty of editing on WordPress, use the survey. The next thing we've changed is

00:50 - 01:41
the sign up form. Now, the sign up form is only for those that are new to ACEN because those with existing information, --  we need you to edit. We didn't want to throw open the delete button and nuke everybody's existing content. So we're trying this style to use the survey and to have a helper text block that will be able to guide you in making things up to date. Sure, people move to different positions and some of your information might be easily edited. So this box of text has been added to the bottom of every site, externship

01:41 - 02:30
site at ACEN. And it helps us with updating the tags. Now there are two types of categories that the population serve, and we're using these as a key, "A" for adults, so on. And then we're also going to have an experiences, the expected experiences key, "D" for diagnostics, and so on. So this box is presently on the bottom of your site. So what we'd love for you to do is to be able to go to the very bottom of the comments and make a little abbreviations for your site(s). So let's say you do adults,

02:32 - 03:25
pediatrics, and geriatrics. And then let's also say your experiences are diagnostics, and hearing aids, and cochlear implants. Maybe you have tinnitus too, Okay. And then all you have to do is hit submit your comment. And then I'm going to notice this comment. And then I'll be able to quickly add these tags to your site. And then when that happens, I'll also get rid of this ugly box and you'll notice the very top then. Presently there are no tags for the Michigan and there's no tags for anybody except for Charlotte's as she prototyped with us with us.

03:26 - 04:11
So if we go to her site at the Boston Children's Hospital, We've reduced that box so the population serves or P, E, S, DEV and experiences of these. And then at the very top, It's not that visible right now because the background of hers, but we'll be able to then click the "S" under the tags. It'll stay all the people that are for the tag S, which is the school age children, are going to be listed here. So presently there's only 1. But I think this will be a much cleaner way to make all of our sites visible.

04:11 - 04:59
Now the problem is we have more than 170 different sites in here. So everybody's going to have to use a survey or edit, and it'll be handy dandy. And then on our main site table, we'll have the population served, have the key there and the experiences there. So people will be able to search at Boston's Children's Hospital and they'll be able to see what's happening at that external site. So we wanted to have a little bit of granular activity on the table. Now this other form right here in the column still open is going to be

05:00 - 05:33
gone in a matter of moments because we're all going to be rehiring for externships for the next academic calendar and you'll have to follow the timeline. But we had this as a bit of a limbo. Perhaps your externship wasn't filled, but we're gonna get reset for the new year and everybody will be starting from scratch. If there's any questions, go to the bottom of your page, write it out, leave it a comment and then I'll address it.

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