Tips for Site Coordinators

Tutorial videos are offered to support Clinical Externship Sites seeking a convenient way to organize applicant data. 

The first set of videos show how to build an application system for your group in Qualtrics, what the system looks like to the user (student, University Externship Coordinator, and Recommenders, and what the data look like for the Clinical Externship site. This provides a way to have all of your application materials organized for each student rather than receiving lots of emails and attachments that you need to organize.

Coming soon

Tutorials for using Google Docs to accomplish the same thing are pending. 

Not coming, a solution using Microsoft. 

We hope this information will help you streamline your process and save time!


Part 1 of 3, Applicant and Letter Writer Perspectives

Part 2 of 3, Creator Perspectives

Part 3 of 3, Data Analysis

YouTube text links: Qualtrics tips:

Part 1 =

Part 2 =

Part 3 =

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