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This page was updated on: June 12, 2024 .  Original posting: September 13, 2021 . 
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1 Paid Externship Position for 2024-2025

Long Beach VA Healthcare System

5901 E 7th St, Long Beach
Long Beach, CA 90822
United States

4th year Externship: The VA Long Beach Healthcare System has a primary Audiology clinic within the main hospital in Long Beach and two associated Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) in Santa Ana and Gardena.

We offer a full range of clinical experiences including:

Amplification: Hearing aid eval/fitting, cochlear implant eval/mapping, and osseo-integrated devices
Electrophysiological tests: OAE, ASSR/ABR, VEMP
Comprehensive Vestibular Program: VNG, Rotational chair, CDP, vHIT, and vestibular rehabilitation
Other Services: Progressive Tinnitus Management, TeleAudiology, cerumen management, hearing aid adjustment and repair clinics

Number of externship positions:

Funding is assigned by the Office of Academic Affairs and may not have been determined by the application deadline. OAA funding is announced nationally at the same time which should allow sites to know funding at approximately the same time. Historically, our site:
has received funding for one extern

Clinical opportunities provided during the externship:

  • Audiologic evaluation
  • Immittance measures
  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Hearing aid selection
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Vestibular evaluation
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Electrophysiology evaluation
  • Tinnitus evaluation
  • Tinnitus management
  • Cochlear Implant evaluation
  • Cochlear Implant management
  • Cerumen Management
  • Telehealth program
  • ENT clinic

Clinical opportunities not listed above:
Inpatient case management, Interoperative monitoring, Ototoxic monitoring

Externship site expects the extern to have mastered these skills before they begin their clinical externship:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing exams (including OAEs, tympanometry, and masking)
  • Basic hearing aid selection, fitting, and adjustment
  • Report writing
  • Basic knowledge of electrophysiologic and vestibular exams

Externship site expects the extern to learn/demonstrate these skills during their clinical externship:

Students will be guided to improve and expand:

  • Clinical competency with diagnostic equipment and amplification
  • Efficiency and clarity for writing reports
  • Independence and confidence as a clinician
  • Counseling and patient advocacy

Number of audiologists at site:

Number of staff at site:

Audiologists holding CCC-A certification:

Continuing Education opportunities:
Opportunities for on-site and virtual hearing aid/CI/osseo-integrated trainings will be available.

Travel to satellites required?:
No, but rotation to community clinics in Santa Ana/Gardena would be possible

Are there interdisciplinary opportunities? If so what:
Audiology collaborates with ENT, Speech Pathology, Psychology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Blind Rehabilitation, Nursing Home/Hospice, and Spinal Cord Injury.

Site’s application requirements:

  • Statement of intent
  • Resume
  • Graduate school transcripts (official or unofficial)
  • 3 academic/clinical references

Steps for the student/university to follow the application process:
Applications must be received via email. The application packet should include a statement of intent, resume, and graduate school transcripts. In your resume, please include contact information for three references who are familiar with your academic and/or clinical skills. Transcripts may be unofficial. These items should be submitted as a single PDF document. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Unsolicited references will not be reviewed.

Site’s application deadline:

Site’s externship contact:

Amber Kasten, Au.D., CCC-A
Email: Amber.Kasten@va.gov

Populations Served = A, G

Experiences = D, AEP, V, HA, CI, T, AR

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Landing an audiology externship:

Coordination for the externships happens to help the life transitions for the young professionals.

Good luck in your journey.