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This page was updated on: June 5, 2024 .  Original posting: September 13, 2021 . 

The American Institute of Balance is accepting applications for 4 AuD Externs in Largo, FL.

Contact: Christina Coppola at and fill out this survey, if interested.

Anticipated start date is ~ 06/03/2024. The anticipated end date is determined by the student and/or university (typically ~ 05/03/2024). This is designated as a full time position with a stipend of $1,500 per month is provided.

Main Location:

8200 Bryan Dairy Road
Largo, FL 33777

Largo, FL** (Main location)
Port Richey, FL (2 days per month)
Countryside, FL (2 days per month)

Application Requirements:

1 Letter of intent / Cover letter
1 Resume
3 Letters of Recommendation sent directly from your references (at least two of the letters must be from previous clinical supervisors)
All Graduate Transcripts from each graduate institution attended (may be official or unofficial)

Experiences expected here include:

Diagnostic Evaluation, Auditory Evoked Potentials, Vestibular Evaluation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Practice Management, Onsite Continuing Education, Clinical Research Opportunities, etc.

The inter professional collaboration within the practice and/or community include:
Primary Care Physicians, Otolaryngologists, Physical Therapists, Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Psychologists, Nurse Practitioners, Family Members, Speech-Language Pathologist, Audiologists, etc.

AIB provides the full range of neurodiagnostic vestibular assessment for patients seen across the lifespan. Traditional diagnostic audiology, including hearing aid dispensing opportunities are also provided, but are infrequent.

Dr. Gans and his staff have performed over 20,000 canalith repositioning maneuvers for BPPV treatment, as well as other aspects of Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT). As the world’s leading educational facility for neurodiagnostic vestibular assessment and management, AIB has provided the worldwide health community with the most current and scientifically robust clinical protocols and information through workshops, online education, corporate training programs, and practice development. With our own in-house physical therapy wing and our large network of strategic partners, this provides an excellent opportunity for the resident to learn and participate in the entire continuum of patient care from diagnosis through treatment.

Outside of clinical opportunities, AIB residents benefit from working closely with faculty specializing in education, business, marketing, and practice management. During their year with us, residents are encouraged to become involved in clinical trainings, professional development, report writing development skills, evidence based best-practice protocols, patient acquisition, physician marketing, interprofessional collaboration, and much more.

In addition to our traditional externship, we have networking opportunities for those who are interested in vestibular science, but are not able to pursue our externship in Florida. The ‘AIB MatchMe Program’ is a wonderful networking tool we offer to students to help them get in contact with leaders in vestibular audiology.

Please fill out this survey to participate in our networking program.

Updating tags for this externship site:

So as to better describe the externship placement, clinic directors are asked to note the populations served and the expected experiences using the following key. After logging in, use the comment box at the bottom of this page to supply the insights. 

Populations Served = 

  • Key: A = Adult; P = Pediatric; S = School Aged; DEV = Developmental Disabilities; G = Geriatric

Experiences = 

  • Key: D = Diagnostics; AEP = Auditory Evoked Potentials; V = Vestibular; HA = Hearing Aids; CI = Cochlear Implants; T = Tinnitus; E = Educational Audiology; AR = Aural Rehabilitation

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Landing an audiology externship:

Coordination for the externships happens to help the life transitions for the young professionals.

Good luck in your journey.