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This page was updated on: September 5, 2023 .  Original posting: September 13, 2021 . 
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Texas Ear Clinic is accepting applications for 1 AuD Extern in Fort Worth, TX.

Contact: Kaitlyn Kennedy at kkennedy@txhealthcare.com if interested.

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6320 southwest Blvd, Ste 200
Fort Worth, TX 76109

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Anticipated start date is 06/03/2024. The anticipated ending date is 05/31/2025. This is designated as Full Time. A stipend is provided, and is expected to be $ 30,000 annually.

This site has 1 staff audiologist, who is CH-AP Certified, has their CCC-A, and has their PASC certification.

The site is serving these populations:
Pediatric, School Aged, Adult, Geriatric

About This Externship

Texas Ear Clinic, a busy neurotology practice located in Fort Worth, Texas, is accepting applications for a 2024-2025 Audiology Externship. Our team specializes in complex vestibular cases and skull-base tumors, allowing an audiology extern to practice and become proficient in our full scope of practice by the end of the placement.

Services offered include:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic audiometric evaluations for infant through adult population 
    • Behavioral observation, visual reinforcement, conditioned play, and behavioral hearing evaluations
    • Immittance testing: tympanometry, acoustic reflex, acoustic reflex decay, patulous eustachian tube testing
    • Ototoxic monitoring
    • High-frequency audiometry
    • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Electrophysiological assessment 
    • Auditory brainstem response: natural sleep and neurodiagnostic
    • Electrocochleography
    • Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials: cervical and ocular
    • Electroneuronography
  • Vestibular assessment 
    • Videonystagmography
    • Rotary chair
    • vHIT
  • Hearing aid consultations and fittings using real ear measures
  • Cochlear implant evaluations, activations, and mapping
  • Osseointegrated hearing device evaluations and fittings
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Tinnitus evaluation, counseling, and management

Additionally, during externship, additional educational opportunities may arise including:

  • Observing in the OR
  • Observing the otologist and/or PA in clinic
  • Journal discussions with our team
  • Cerumen removal using suction and binocular microscopy
  • Opportunity to attend continuing education event(s)

Minimum requirements for externship: bachelor’s degree, eligibility for AuD externship, professional liability insurance, and eligibility for Texas intern license.

Interested applicants should submit the following documents in the order listed below (as one PDF document):

  • Letter of intent
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation, two of which should be from clinical preceptors. The letters of recommendation can be sent directly from the author if that is their preference.

Students and Peers

  • The overall number of students at this site is 1.
  • The number of externs at this site is expected to be: 1.

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Landing an audiology externship:

Coordination for the externships happens to help the life transitions for the young professionals.

Good luck in your journey.


ACEN in-person meeting at the AAA meeting in Atlanta, Thursday April 18, 2024, 12:15-1:15 in Room 408 of the convention center.

Feel free to bring your lunch and join the discussion of the ACEN and future directions.