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This page was updated on: July 3, 2024 .  Original posting: September 13, 2021 . 
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Cleveland Clinic Section of Audiology offers a 52-week externship experience that begins mid-May, commencing with a half-week orientation and onboarding process.  Pending funding, a small stipend is awarded and disbursed to the extern by their academic institution. Externs will complete five rotations and gain experience with various clinical services at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus and several of the Family Health Center (satellite clinics) locations. This multi-site externship program offers not only a wealth of clinical experiences: it also provides exposure to diverse patient populations, opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary clinics, and collaboration with multiple preceptors over the course of the year. Clinical practicum experiences will include: 

  • Adult and pediatric audiologic behavioral assessment 
  • Adult and pediatric audiologic management, including hearing aid services and assistive listening/FM technologies; 
  • Adult and pediatric hearing implant services, including cochlear implants and osseointegrated implants 
  • Electrophysiology across the lifespan in clinic and the OR, including newborn diagnostics (ABR, ASSR, DPOAEs), electrocochleography, VEMPs, NRT/I, and potentially exposure to intraoperative monitoring; 
  • Vestibular assessment (videonystagmography, rotational chair, head impulse testing, functional measures) and vestibular therapy; 
  • Tinnitus management  
  • Ototoxicity monitoring 
  • Clinical and surgical observations with neurotology, ENT, APPs, auditory based therapy, genetics, dentistry.  
  • Participation in multidisciplinary clinics and shared medical appointments  

Externs may prepare and present several presentations throughout the year in the form of Journal Clubs, Lectures, Grand Rounds, and/or Evidence-Based Projects.  The specific projects vary from year to year. 

Constructive feedback will be provided to the extern frequently throughout each rotation, as determined by the preceptor and extern.  An informal evaluation occurs mid-rotation with a written formative evaluation conducted at the end of each clinical rotation. 

Externs are provided with personal time off in addition to six national holidays. 

 Application Process:  

We are participating in the Audiology Clinical Education Network and adhering to proposed timeline: 

Application Process 

  1. The academic institution must make the initial contact.  All correspondence will be between Dr. Tamara Francini ( and the clinical placement coordinator at the academic institution. 
  2. Once the academic program has agreed to our requirements, students should submit a cover letter describing ideal externship experience, resume, and letters of recommendations (3) by September 18, 2024.   
  3. The application will be reviewed, and the student will be notified of interview invitation. We are holding interviews on Saturday October 5, 2024. The interview will be offered in person at the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic or virtually.   

Acceptance of applications to the externship program is conditional upon the agreement of the academic institution to the externship program requirements outlined in this document. Please address any questions or concerns to externship program senior audiologist, Tamara Francini, AuD (   

      The academic institution must agree to the following terms: 

  1. Pending funding, Cleveland Clinic provides a small stipend to audiology externs.  The stipend must be paid to the academic institution and cannot be paid directly to the extern by Cleveland Clinic. The academic institution will be responsible for disbursing the stipend to the extern. 
  2. There will be a fee for establishing the Clinical Affiliation Agreement between the academic institution and Cleveland Clinic; payment of this fee will be the academic institution’s responsibility.  The fee is currently $500.00 and is subject to change without notice.   
  3. A fee of $50.00 will be incurred for each extern to cover the cost of onboarding.  Payment of this $50.00 fee must be made by the academic institution by the end of the first semester of the externship (December 2024).  Externs will not be invoiced by the Clinic for this fee as the fee is the responsibility of the academic institution. This is non-negotiable. 
  4. The extern must maintain general liability and professional liability insurance in the amounts of not less than ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000) per occurrence and THREE MILLION DOLLARS ($3,000,000) in the annual aggregate.  

Populations Served = A, DEV, G, P, S

Experiences = D, AEP, V, HA, CI, T

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Landing an audiology externship:

Coordination for the externships happens to help the life transitions for the young professionals.

Good luck in your journey.